ABD B.E.T.A. Program


(Branding & Educational Targeting Ads)


What would GUARANTEED leads do for YOUR Biomimetic Dental practice?

It’s NOT a trick question… we honestly want you to think about it. To imagine it. Visualize it.

When you started your practice, were you hoping to have a few people kinda interested in your practice each month… OR, at least 10 VERY interested people in your practice?

We already know the answer…

But now, we want to make it your reality! We’re putting an end to “here’s a list of potential patients for your front desk to chat with” nonsense and transforming them into excited new patients. How?

Our ABD B.E.T.A Program is the fastest, most efficient way to not only generate leads but close the deal as well!
When you join, you'll receive:

Marketing Video

Be seen by tens of thousands of people in your local community.

Lead Capture

We capture all the info on the potential new patient and send it directly to you as well as put it inside the software.

Lead Capture

Software As A Service (SaaS)

Our cutting edge software allows for instant communication via Text Messaging to help nurture the new Facebook Lead and assist in booking the appointment! No longer wait hours or days before contact is made. This is INSTANT. Studies show that if a lead is not followed up with within 15 minutes it is 90% less likely to book an appointment. As they say… ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

Marketing Automation

The one-two punch of our Text Messaging platform. Not only can your front desk communicate via text messaging in real-time, but our software has built-in automations to allow for INSTANT communication (using ‘bot’ technology’) to Boost Conversions by up to 90%! WOOHOO!

Marketing Automation

Get Happy New Patients!

Nothing could be better than helping patients discover and utilize all the benefits of Biomimetic Dentistry. This system will help you do what you do best… Biomimetic Dentistry!

This is more than just another Lead Generation Service.

After we generate leads using professional written and produced videos on Facebook and Instagram, our software automatically contacts and nurtures them into booking through a convenient text message stream. No more putting that on the shoulders of your front office staff!

Everything you thought about, imagined, and visualized is starting to feel pretty real, isn’t it? GREAT! Cause we’re excited to make it happen for you!

Facebook Instagram Local

You're running a medical practice.

Not a marketing agency!

So, ENOUGH with running Social Media Ads and crossing your fingers to bring in patients.

Let our updated ABD B.E.T.A Program do all the hard work for you! See, you shouldn’t have to worry about how to find Biomimetic Dentistry leads. Let’s face it, that is a difficult task, especially since NOBODY even knows what Biomimetic Dentistry is. Don’t worry, the ABD has got you covered.

Finding and Nurturing people that are interested in Biomimetics is WAY too much to have on your plate. You should be able to just run your practice and do what you do best – Be a World Class Biomimetic Dentist!

That’s where we come in.

For a VERY limited time, our Program is ONLY $550/month.

If you get just 1 new patient
in 6 months of time it will pay for itself!

Advertise Biomimetic Dentistry Now for only 750/month

ABD B.E.T.A. Program

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