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Accredited Member Requirements

  • Member in good standing* for at least 1 year.
  • Dues paid, Basic or Advanced listing package.
  • Pledge signed and followed.
  • Attending at least 1 annual meeting
  • Received minimum 14 additional CE credits in approved courses
  • Multiple choice written exam. May be retaken as needed to a full 100% passing standard.
  • $495 fee for application/testing and certification. This is a non-refundable fee.
  • Tests will be open book and can happen at any time.
  • Once certified by the Board the Doctor may promote and post their new Accredited Member status on the website and any other marketing vehicle.
  • This level is Granted for 1 year. It may be renewed/posted yearly by attending the annual meeting and keeping their membership listing dues current. Otherwise they will be relegated to a non-current certification status.

*Member in good standing:

    • Attends at least the yearly ABD seminar. Is an active member on the ABD website.
    • Uses and ethically promotes his/ her BMD skills commensurate with their level of education, training,and understanding.

Sign The Pledge


Please note!

You need to have a Basic or Advanced membership in order to sign the pledge.

If you are not a member:

If you are already a member please sign in:

Please do not confuse our certification levels with the website listing packages!
Website Listings packages are separate from one’s certification level.
One can pay the yearly dues to have a BASIC LISTING OR AN ADVANCED LISTING PACKAGE. One can see on the ABD website the benefits each of these listing PACKAGES provides.