Biomimetic Dentistry Course Basic 101

Intro to Biomimetic Dentistry - 101


Whether you’re new to Biomimetic Dentistry or just want to refresh your skills and practices in the field — this introductory course is for you!

Held before the Annual Conference, Intro to Biomimetic Dentistry 101 will allow you to build a foundation and learn the fundamentals of the field from four renowned doctors in the industry.

Dates: April 16th
Location: Omni Park West, Dallas TX
Time: Noon – 5pm

What You’ll Learn:

  • Biomimetics Basics Part 1: Terminology
  • Biomimetic Basics Part 2: Anatomy and Adhesion
  • Biomimetic Basics Part 3: Paradigm shifts in dentistry

Following Parts 1-3, attendees will see the mechanics of Biomimetic Dentistry at work in a dynamic Application lecture and demonstration. This section will be followed up with an optional 30-minute Q&A panel with the presenters.

Course Syllabus

Part 1: Terminology (50 minutes) – Presented by Dr. Matt Nejad

Understand the concepts of Biomimetic Dentistry by learning new words and terminology. This section also includes an in-depth discussion on the field’s philosophy.


  • The benefits of Biomimetic Dentistry
  • Supraging
  • Definitions and terminology

Part 2: Anatomy and Adhesion (50 minutes) – Presented by Dr. Charles Reufenacht

What you’ll learn:
  • Largely eliminate postoperative sensitivity associated with bonding.
  • Greatly decrease incidence of treatment related irreversible pulpitis/RCT.
  • Shift from a mechanical retention/amputational treatment model to adhesive retention which is much less invasive
Course objectives will feature:
1.  What is bonding?  Bonding simplified.
2.  Learn the three basic approaches to bonding and the peer reviewed gold standards per category: Total etch, Self etching systems, Universal systems.
3.  What constitutes ‘the bond layer?’
4.  What is immediate dentin sealing and why it is important?
5.  What is polymerization shrinkage and why you should care?
At the end of this presentation, you will know what the adhesive layer is, how to achieve a stable bond to dentin, how polymerization shrinkage and bond film thickness affect bond durability; and the three basic bonding systems (forget about generations.)
You will also know the only bulk fill material that does not immediately delaminate off of dentin surfaces based on real time visualization.

Part 3: Paradigm Shifts in Dentistry (50 minutes) – Presented by Dr. Marc Lazare

Build your understanding of how Biomimetic Dentistry is different from traditional “drill and fill” dentistry. Learn to preserve the longevity of a tooth, not just the restorations.


  • Paradigm shifts
  • Stopping the cycle of tooth death
  • Reduce stress, strengthen the bond

Application: Tying it All Together (50 minutes) – Presented by Dr. Arnoud Noot

Put your new understanding of Biomimetic Dentistry to work in this section which focuses on everything, from diagnosing to adhesion protocols and Ribbond applications.


  • Diagnosis basics
  • Isolation
  • Steps to reduce decay
  • Direct vs Indirect restorations
  • Class V restorations
  • Ribbond applications

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