Biomimetic Dentistry Course Basic 101

Intro to Biomimetic Dentistry - 101


Whether you’re new to Biomimetic Dentistry or just want to refresh your skills and practices in the field — this introductory course is for you!

Held before the Annual Conference, Intro to Biomimetic Dentistry 101 will allow you to build a foundation and learn the fundamentals of the field from four renowned doctors in the industry.

Dates: April 16th
Location: Omni Park West, Dallas TX
Time: Noon – 5pm

What You’ll Learn:

  • Biomimetics Basics Part 1: Terminology
  • Biomimetic Basics Part 2: Anatomy and Adhesion
  • Biomimetic Basics Part 3: Paradigm shifts in dentistry

Following Parts 1-3, attendees will see the mechanics of Biomimetic Dentistry at work in a dynamic Application lecture and demonstration. This section will be followed up with an optional 30-minute Q&A panel with the presenters.

Course Syllabus

Part 1: Terminology (50 minutes) – Presented by Dr. Matt Nejad

Understand the concepts of Biomimetic Dentistry by learning new words and terminology. This section also includes an in-depth discussion on the field’s philosophy.


  • The benefits of Biomimetic Dentistry
  • Supraging
  • Definitions and terminology

Part 2: Anatomy and Adhesion (50 minutes) – Presented by Dr. Charles Reufenacht

Go back to the basics with a review of basic dental anatomy to improve your understanding of maximum adhesion theory. This section will help you achieve super long-lasting restorations and happier patients.


  • How adhesion works
  • Increase bond strength
  • IDS
  • Types of Bonding
    • Total etch
    • Self etch
    • Universal

Part 3: Paradigm Shifts in Dentistry (50 minutes) – Presented by Dr. Marc Lazare

Build your understanding of how Biomimetic Dentistry is different from traditional “drill and fill” dentistry. Learn to preserve the longevity of a tooth, not just the restorations.


  • Paradigm shifts
  • Stopping the cycle of tooth death
  • Reduce stress, strengthen the bond

Application: Tying it All Together (50 minutes) – Presented by Dr. Arnoud Noot

Put your new understanding of Biomimetic Dentistry to work in this section which focuses on everything, from diagnosing to adhesion protocols and Ribbond applications.


  • Diagnosis basics
  • Isolation
  • Steps to reduce decay
  • Adhesion protocols
  • Direct vs Indirect restorations
  • Class V restorations
  • Ribbond applications

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