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The Dental Hygiene Program

The dental hygiene program in the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry is the first of its kind; coordinating with the Dentists Program in the ABD.

This will be an innovative program, motivating patients in the practice and creating a team approach to Biomimetic dentistry.

Biomimetic Dental Hygiene will enhance the recall systems of participating practices and increase patient understanding and acceptance of treatment plans, leading to potential increases in profitability through effective internal marketing.

Dental Hygienist Program

Sandra Senzon

  • Registered Dental Hygienist since 1978
  • Active in Clinical Care
  • Hosted and produced 840 television shows – Titled Tooth Fairy Show
  • (A children’s educational show, an adult 1/800 live call-in show titled 1-800 toothfairy)
  • A graduate of Farmingdale State College 1978
  • Published author of The Hygiene Professional: A Partner in Dentistry (Publisher Penwell) 2003
  • Reversing Gum Disease Naturally: A Holistic Health Program 2009
  • Author of five children’s books
  • (Tooth Fairy City) presented to the Museum of Dentistry in Maryland (Presently on display)
  • Presented lectures are taken from my book
  • (Reversing Gum Disease Naturally: A Holistic Health Program) course on Botanicals In Dentistry (32 ce credits/ and other courses each course 3 CE credits
  • Developed a product line (currently selling on Camellia Dental A botanical whitening system, and hygiene home care program (all natural botanicals to whiten teeth in office or at home.
  • Camellia sprays developed by Sandra Senzon for scaling and cleanings.
  • Children’s Tooth Stick product line

Dental Hygienist Membership


  • Health insurance / malpractice insurance offered at a group rate.
  • Monthly newsletters - upcoming innovative dental hygiene, with courses and articles in the advancement of dental Hygiene.
  • CE programs in the advancement of biomimetic dentistry. Teaching via Skype or through lectures at dental meetings. Advanced clinical training can be set up after required courses
  • Monthly email with upcoming events and innovative ideas.
  • Tips and Tricks added to newsletter and emails in how to help the growth of biomimetic dentistry. Marketing new patients to your office and growing your practice with biomimetic dentistry

The advantage of adding dental hygiene to biomimetic dentistry?

  • A piggyback enrollment. The enhancement of education with ce programs.
  • Training programs to create a more advanced dental hygiene adding a better re-call system.
  • A collaborative team effort

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