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For the first time ever, the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry is welcoming student members to the organization.

This is an exclusive opportunity for dental school students to learn about the biomimetic field of dentistry, and network with leading dentists and industry thought-leaders.

As an ABD student member, you’ll be educated on the founding practices and principles of biomimetic dentistry. Not only will this knowledge enhance your education while in dental school, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a versed biomimetic dentist with skills that’ll set you apart from traditional dentists once you go into practice.

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Student Membership


  • Monthly newsletters
  • CE programs in the advancement of biomimetic dentistry. Teaching via Skype or through lectures at dental meetings. Advanced clinical training can be set up after required courses
  • Monthly email with upcoming events and innovative ideas.
  • Tips and Tricks added to newsletter and emails in how to help the growth of biomimetic dentistry.

The advantage of adding training programs toward CE to biomimetic dentistry?

  • A piggyback enrollment. The enhancement of education with ce programs.
  • Training programs toward CE to create a more advanced dental hygiene adding a better re-call system.
  • A collaborative team effort.

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If you are just interested in our Friendship (Free membership) which has no benefits you can enroll here