Board Of Directors

  • Saul Pressner

    Acting President
  • Marc Lazare

    Board Member
  • Paul O’Malley

    VP of Membership
  • Dianne Caprio

    VP of Scientific Advisors
  • Michel Haynie

  • Joe Sutton

  • Teresa Monzon

    Vendor Liaison
  • Charlie Ruefenacht

    Board Member
  • Jay Resnick

    Board Member
  • Jim Erpenbach

    Board Member
  • Melissa Ratliff Seibert

    Board Member
  • Matthew Miller

    Marketing Director
  • Karla Marshall

    Executive Director

It shall be the duty of the President:

  • To serve as an official representative of the ABD in its contact with government, civic, business, and professional organizations for the purpose of advancing the objectives and policies of the ABD. 
  • To act as an advisor and an ex-officio member of all Committees and Councils, other than the Nominating Committee, and shall see that all orders and resolutions of the Board of Directors are carried out. 
  • To preside over meetings of the general assembly, the BOD, and the officers. 
  • To appoint members and to fill vacancies, create committees and chairpersons of those committees. 
  • In the event that the members are not able to vote in a timely fashion the president can appoint a member to temporarily serve in a board position or committee until the BOD is able to officially conduct the proper process of election for that position.
  • All ad-hoc committees and committee member selections chosen by the president can be approved with the majority vote of the board.
  • To submit a State of the Academy to the attendees and members during our annual conference.
  • Shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the ABD. 
  • To supervise the activities of all subcontractors and vendors of the ABD.
  • To be an alternate signatory to all bank accounts and be bonded, the cost to be borne by the ABD. 
  • To keep the President-Elect and the Vice Presidents apprised of continuing business, and to oversee and receive updates regarding progress with their assignments and projects.
  • To delegate unspecified executive responsibilities to the appropriate officer or committee. 
  • To coordinate with the treasurer a yearly review of the financial status and records of the ABD with an outside accountant.
  • Oversee the design, creation and distribution of the certificates and awards for the ABD Certification  Accreditation, Fellowship and Mastership levels and including honorary awards and distinctions.
  • To lead the creation, maintenance and improvement of the ABD website and other digital communications.
  • To appoint legal counsel in an event that the ABD would require assistance on behalf of the BOD and with the majority of the BOD approval.
  • To review and sign all contracts associated with the Annual Meeting after review by legal counsel.
  • Would be the deciding vote should a vote by the Board result in a tie.

It shall be the duty of the President-Elect: 

  • To assume the office of President in the event that the President is unable to fulfill the terms of his/her office and to continue as President for the succeeding year. 
  • To succeed to the office of President at the conclusion of the annual business meeting where the President’s term ends. 
  • To attend all important functions of the ABD. 
  • To preside in the temporary absence of the President at meetings of the general assembly or the BOD. 
  • To cooperate with the President and familiarize himself/herself with the duties of that office. 
  • To serve as an ex-officio member of the Membership, Scientific, and Treasurer officers.
  • Any other job or task as directed by the President

It shall be the duty of the Vice-President of Membership:

  • To serve as Chair of the membership committee. 
  • To grow membership year over year. 
  • To help identify the benefits of membership. 
  • To see that all membership benefits are being delivered to each member. 
  • To implement a welcome letter to all new members. 
  • To assure members are satisfied with their membership and handle member issues. 
  • To work with the executive director and website marketing team to assure all memberships are correct and up to date. 
  • To help facilitate any renewal issues. 
  • To help retain all members. 
  • To report membership numbers to the board on bi-weekly calls
  • To identify interruptions in activities and committee work. 
  • The VP of Membership should report to the president with an update with membership totals including all cancellations.
  • The VP of Membership or chosen member of the membership committee shall call each member that cancels to conduct an exit interview. 
  • To help create new opportunities for members to grow their education through the ABD and promote accreditation programs. 
  • To assist the President and the President-Elect in the performance of their duties and to fulfill those duties in their absence. 
  • To be a consultant and to serve as ex-officio member of all committees.

It shall be the duty of the Vice-President of Scientific Affairs:

  • To serve as Chair of the Scientific Advisors committee. 
  • To oversee the assignments of mentor programs with scientific advisors through the fellowship program. 
  • To work together with scientific advisors and the President to continue to develop the curriculum for the fellowship exam. 
  • To assign scientific advisors to help facilitate the review of materials submitted by fellowship candidates. 
  • To conduct monthly communications via email, video call  or phone call to all scientific advisors on upcoming ABD matters. 
  • To identify interruptions in activities and committee work
  • To maintain an active schedule of all scientific advisors and approved Biomimetic instructors on any of their upcoming lectures, presentations and courses in order to distribute and promote this list to our members on social media  and for use on our website. 
  • Work with scientific advisors to help identify future presenters for webinars and annual conference presentations and hands on courses. 
  • To work with scientific advisors to help identify course material and articles in order to better educate members and prospective members on BMD. 
  • To work with scientific advisors to help identify vendor opportunities and communicate with our vendor liaison.
  • To monitor activities of scientific advisors on the promotion of ABD activities. 
  • To report to the BOD any scientific advisors comments, suggestions and feedback at each bi-weekly board meeting. 
  • To help identify upcoming scientific advisors to add to our growing committee. 
  • To assist the President and the President-Elect in the performance of their duties and to fulfill those duties in their absence. 
  • To assume the office of President-Elect in the event that the President-Elect is unable to fulfill the terms of his/her office. 
  • To be a consultant and to serve as ex-officio member of all committees.

It shall be the duty of the Treasurer: 

  • To keep adequate and proper accounts of the properties and funds of the ABD. 
  • To deposit or cause to be deposited all monies and other valuables in the name of and to the credit of the ABD. 
  • To distribute the funds of the ABD as may be directed by the BOD or the President. 
  • To be a signatory to all bank accounts and be bonded, the cost to be borne by the ABD. 
  • To prepare a budget for review and approval by the BOD. 
  • To coordinate the filing of all necessary financial statements and forms with all necessary outside agencies including the State and Federal Government with the assistance of an outside accountant. 
  • To employ, with the approval of the BOD, a Certified Public Accountant to make an audit of the books annually. 
  • To be an ex-officio member of Committees. 
  • To serve as Chair of any Budget or Finance Committee. 
  • At the expiration of his/her term all monies, securities and other valuable effects shall be transferred to his/her successor. 
  • To assist the President in an annual review of the finances of the ABD.
  • To apprise the new treasurer of established operations and procedures of the treasurer position.

It shall be the duty of the Secretary:

  • To keep minutes of all meetings of the BOD and the general assembly and email weekly meeting minutes to the website developer for the BOD web portal dashboard to keep a record of all meetings.
  • To countersign all certificates. 
  • To conduct correspondence on behalf of the ABD. 
  • To reach out with a welcome letter, approved by the President, to all new members of the ABD. This correspondence will be signed by all BODs and sent within thirty (30) days of joining the ABD. 
  • To notify all members of the BOD of meetings at least seven (7) days in advance. 
  • To be an ex-officio member of Committees. 
  • To confirm a quorum at the beginning of each BOD meeting. 

Dr. Melissa Seibert is the creator and host of the Dental Digest podcast and now the CEO of Dental Digest Institute. Within just one year of starting this podcast, Dental Digest has become a chart-topping and award-winning global podcast.

She is also a dentist proudly practicing in the United States Air Force. As a dentist in the Air Force, she has multiple additional duties such as infection control officer, radiology officer, safety officer, and continuing education officer. She is also passionate about fitness and is her unit's physical fitness leader. As an athlete, she has run over 5 marathons and 4 half marathons.

She received her Doctorate of Medicine in Dentistry at the University of Louisville. Prior to that, she received her Bachelors in Science and commission as an Officer in the United States Air Force from the U.S. Air Force Academy. During her time at the Air Force Academy, she was among only 7 cadets per semester to be selected to attend a semester at the United States Military Academy (West Point). She was recently awarded Company Grade Officer of the Quarter at the Wing level for Goodfellow Air Force Base. This is a distinction given to only one company-grade officer on a base with over 10,000 people.

Dr. Seibert is a graduate of the United States Air Force's Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD). She is well trained in disciplines and procedures such as IV sedation, complex third molar exodontia, limited orthodontics, biomimetic dentistry, periodontal surgeries (such as crown lengthening, flap osseous, guided tissue regeneration), and esthetic dentistry.

Dr. Seibert is a graduate of Alleman's Biomimetic Mastership. She was also selected for the Air Force's highly competitive Air Force two-year AEGD which she will be beginning in the summer of 2021. During this training, she will get a Master's in Oral Biology, complete research, and further her skills.

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Standing Committees

Unless otherwise provided, each committee shall serve for one (I) year and consist of three (3) or more members, one of whom is to be appointed Chair. These appointments are to be presented by the President-Elect to the BOD at the last meeting of that committee body prior to the President-Elect assuming the office of President. All committees are to be appointed by the President with the advice of the BOD. These committees are directly responsible to the President. They shall tender reports to the President. A Committee Chair is responsible for the workings of the committee. All committee members are required to attend a minimum of 50% of all committee meetings. Any appointed Chair or member of a committee may be removed by the President for dereliction of duty, non-attendance, or having been judged as working counter to the directives of the committee.The Chair of a committee or a Past President serving as a committee member, having been removed by the President, may choose to appeal to the BODDuties of the Executive Council.

 to be reinstated by simple majority. Neither the President, nor the affected party, shall participate in such a vote. Unless otherwise provided, a vacancy on any Committee may be filled by Presidential appointment. Individuals seeking appointment to specific committees shall file a request with the President-Elect at least 3 months prior to his/her ascension to the Presidency. However, this does not bind the President-Elect in any way.In the case of the individual being a Past President, upon receipt of a request for appointment to a committee, the President-Elect is bound to appoint the Past President to a committee of the President-Elect’s discretion.

Initial Committees include

  • Membership
  • Scientific
  • Corporate Affairs
  • Annual Meeting
  • Certification

Ad-hoc Committees

An Ad-hoc Committee may be appointed by the President for the purpose of performing any duties not otherwise provided for in these Bylaws. These committees will cease to exist at the conclusion of the administration that created them unless they remain active beyond a two (2) year period where they will then become standing committees, subject to the consent of the BOD.

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