Mission Statement

To make Biomimetic Dentistry known and used by our profession for the benefit of all.

Purpose | Vision Statement

The purpose of the ABD is to promote the use of adhesive chemistry to return teeth to original strain harmony (strength) and preserve pulp vitality.

The ABD believes that amputating tooth structure to achieve mechanical retention is scientifically invalid and a major risk for irreversible pulpitis.

Advances in adhesive chemistry justifies ‘adhesion’ / ‘bonding’ as the preferred method of retention, not amputational mechanical retention.


Biomimetics Overview

Biomimetic comes from two words: “biology,” the science of life or of living things, and “mimic,”, to copy or imitate.

Biomimetic means the treatment of a tooth that allows it to behave like- or mimic- a natural tooth. Biomimetic Dentistry treats weak, fractured, and decayed teeth in a way that restores their strength and seals them from bacterial invasion.

Careful sealing against infection removes the need for aggressively cutting down teeth for crowns and drastically reduces the need for root canals.

Biomimetic dentistry takes advantage of advanced ceramics and adhesives.

These technologies allow dentists to use small onlays that work like your own teeth rather than large caps/crowns. Old techniques can cause your teeth to eventually crack and leak, allowing bacteria to rot your teeth away from the inside. Biomimetic Dentistry locks out the bacteria, for safer, more durable dental work.

Think of it as “Tooth Conserving Dentistry!”

Upcoming Event on July 13th - Exploring Dental Materials: Shrinkage Stress & Mechanical Properties- Dr. Nate Lawson