Letter to the membership of the ABD. Message from the president.

Dear Biomimetic Dentist,

Dentistry is the most rewarding, the most deeply satisfying, and a most intensely personal career I can possibly imagine. Don’t you agree? Those involved with the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry universally reflect a personal commitment to excellence in their professional life. It is the stated goal of the ABD to promote the incredibly durable and reliable Biomimetic paradigm to the benefit of ALL.

For a decade now the ABD has attracted the undisputed authoritarian voices of the premier dental researchers and leaders into our annual conferences. Have we seen anything like this at the ADA? At your state dental convention? Maybe your study club? Not so much, huh?

We are still a fledgling organization. Not exactly a household word. Yet we are moving ahead step by thoughtful step into the next decade. We are gaining traction and respect. In Dallas last April the ABD awarded two amazing proponents and creators of superior materials and protocols with once-in-a- lifetime recognitions. Two other individuals have been given such high awards in one of our conferences in Reno, and they were THERE in Dallas this year. David Rudo, Raymond Bertolotti, David Alleman, and Junji Tagami are the four individuals. Where else could you imagine finding those four individuals in one room? Only at the ABD convention. Where else could you ask questions of these doctors face to face for two days? Or any of the other stellar presenters? Only at the ABD convention. In a future letter to the membership I will catalog the serial conference successes and struggles of the ABD, and list all of the presenters and topics we have enjoyed. But at this writing I want to stress the benefits of joining and participating in the ABD.

First—It is a place to find like-minded and like-hearted continuous students of the greatest health profession. In a short time, the ABD will announce the formation and details of a mentorship program. Those in the profession that want join us will greatly benefit from having a friend and resource directly inside the academy. WE ARE the FREINDLIEST group of dentists ever assembled. So much experience is available to so many just for the joining. What a great advantage to younger colleagues not exposed to contemporary science and unaware of quantum advancements! This is a huge benefit! Just tremendous! And what great satisfaction for some of us to boost a fellow dentist in his career.

Second—Accreditation within our organization is a reality. Recognition for accomplishment and skill acquisition exists! Not just for the addition of letters after ones name, not at all. It is meant to reward the diligent and competent and promote the best dentistry on the planet. How else will those seeking better options for themselves and their families differentiate REAL BIOMIMETIC practitioners from those possessing only the minimum skills necessary for graduation from a dental school? It is a great accomplishment for the ABD. And what a wonderful way for the individual ABD member to be set apart as greatly skilled in advanced dental protocols. It was unveiled in Dallas just months ago and is currently available to all the members of the ABD. Huge. We are only getting stronger.

Third—Online patient referrals are made to inquiring patients. Members of the ABD have that as a benefit for membership. Where else better to let the public know that a biomimetic dentist is available to them than on the ABD website? The website is exciting and new. The inquiring public is treated to an attractive visual experience. Videos and testimonials are powerful, and the referral to you, the member, is simple. The academy does not guarantee dental outcomes. The ABD is proud to present the membership to the general public. To be listed by the ABD as one of our own is a technical achievement. It is a benefit to our membership and we are proud to provide that benefit.

Fourth—Access to some of the cutting-edge video ‘materials that ‘may be used on a dental office website. Why is this important? Electronic media have replaced printed advertising nearly entirely. Most dentists struggle to keep up with all the web design stuff and social media advertising. It is almost impossible. The ABD has tremendous access to great videos with custom additions. These things are all completed quickly, professionally, and at a fraction of the expense of starting from scratch. The company involved KNOWS biomimetic dentistry. In a future newsletter the details of all this stuff will be laid out. But, the point is that we ALREADY have negotiated benefit to directly promote your dental career and office. Affordable and effective. Details will fill up next week’s letter to y’all.

Fifth—UpToDate cutting-edge practice changing dental research and applications. Some of the material shared with the conferences was unpublished research, some presenters have shared things that they never shared with any other group at any other time. Some presenters have had such broad careers that the progression of adhesive dentistry has been laid out to the ABD. Membership in the ABD and attendance at our annual conference is LIFE CHANGING. It will change your heart, your mind, your office, and bless your patients every hour of every day of every week.



Upcoming Event on August 17th - Helpful Hints in Performing Biomimetic Dentistry - Dr. Matt Nejad