#003 Webinar – Biomimetic Case Studies – with Dr. Matt Nejad

Biomimetic Case Studies – Restorative Approach from Simple to Complex

Restorative procedures with the biomimetic approach aim to replicate the properties of natural teeth with conservative restorations that preserve intact tooth structure and pulp vitality. This can only be achieved with a firm grasp of science (adhesion, stress, biomechanics) as well as optimal dental materials and techniques that provide a biomimetic result. 

In this webinar, I will review restorative cases that become progressively more compromised, from direct to severely damaged endodontically treated teeth. The webinar will touch on the major concepts and paradigm for selecting the optimal restorative technique based on the requirement of the tooth.

Dr. Matthew Nejad will be presenting a number of Biomimetic case presentations including the following:

  • – One Direct posterior case
  • – One Indirect posterior case
  • – One complex indirect case (Deep caries, Complex Isolation, Deep Margin Elevation, Structurally compromised)
  • – One Severely damaged endodontically treated tooth (Traditionally extracted, hopeless tooth)

This is something you will not want to miss!