Advanced Concepts in Biomimetic Dentistry with High Magnification

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Discussion Points:

This course examined the world of high magnification as it related to biomimetic dentistry. Biomimetic dentistry demanded precision, accuracy, and extremely fine tolerances for our marginal fit.

The program looked at all the hidden places precision was missed or simply not recognized to exist. We examined what your margins really looked like at high magnification.

Dr. Randy Shoup explained why ultra precision was demanded by our CAD/CAM systems that you didn’t know about and no one ever told you. We saw the results of how making all the components of biomimetics, magnification, and unique instrumentation came together to produce amazing restorative results.


Principles people will be learning about:

  • A discussion of the benefits of high levels of magnification in biomimetic
  • Examine what a margin really looks like under increasing levels of
  • How the human eye and hand respond to the doctors ability to create
    seamless restorations.
  • How the modern CAD/CAM systems react to and are limited by variations
    in the smoothness of the prep.
  • Look at examples of high magnification prep design and the instruments
    needed to achieve ideal finishes.
  • Tips, Tricks, Pearls, and Secrets you have to know to get the best results.
  • How to begin the magnification journey.
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