#004 Webinar – Biomimetic Case Studies – with Dr. David Gerdolle

david gerdolle

“Probably no other technique or instrument used in dentistry is so universally accepted and advocated by the recognised authorities and so universally ignored by the practicing dentist ”

Ireland L. The rubberdam: Its advantages and applications. Texas Dent J 1962; 80: 6-15

High quality dentistry begins at the base of the pyramid. Join us for an exceptional experience where the foundation of quality treatment is learned in a fun and interactive way.


  • – Obstacles – materials – inversion – strategy
  • – Endo-restorative continum – sequence flowchart
  • – Keys to success! During the masterclass, numerous clinical examples will demonstrate the participants how every isolation challenge can be addressed and categorized into one of the 4 main configurations. Step by step procedures teach the techniques. Tips and tricks are demonstrated in relation to restorative procedures.

Learning Objectives

  •  – Know the criteria for the right materials to use
  •  – Develop an use the strategy to predictably isolate the operation field, even in difficult situations – master the techniques to isolate
  •  – Develop a creative mind to come up with new solutions if needed
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