2019 IAOMT Meeting | Podcast Featuring Saul Pressner and Kevin Steineman

Dr. Saul Prennser

Just like the ABD’s Annual Conference in Dallas each year, IAOMT meetings offer participants a similar opportunity to network with other professionals, earn CE credits, discuss research relevant to practice.

This year’s IAOMT meeting in Boston brought together hundreds of dentists, physicians, medical research scientists, registered dental hygienists, certified dental assistants, and other various dental/medical professionals.

It was an extraordinary multi-day event, and one, thanks to ABD members who attended, that shed light on Biomimetic Dentistry.

During the conference, Dr. Saul Pressner and Dr. Kevin Steineman came together for a podcast about Biomimetic Dentistry. The interview was a deep dive into tooth preservation and dental conservation.

During the interview, Dr. Pressner also advised young dental students and recent graduates of dental school to keep their minds open to alternative techniques to what their being taught, there are so many techniques and so many information you have to learn. He also said not to over-treat the patient and put yourself in the patients’ shoes and forge a treatment plan in various treatment alternatives that you yourself would like to have in your own mouth, in that way you can be a better be an empathetic dentist and provider for your patients.

The full interview can be seen below.

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