A Letter From Board Member, Dr. Jay Resnick: Obtaining Perfection

Letter From Board Member

Dear Colleagues,

Unlike our colleagues, plastic surgeons and bariatric surgeons, there are no shows singing the praises of the Biomimetic dentist toiling in their operatory creating beautiful composite restorations.  We desire to achieve the “perfect” tooth, but, alas, are we ever satisfied.

As a young dentist, I had no such problems since the only materials available were either amalgam or gold.

Dr. Harold Shavell’s amalgam crowns were worthy of their own exhibit at the Met; however, silver teeth were never the in thing.

That all changed in the 1980s.  Dr. Takao Fusayama and his disciple, Dr. Junji Tagami, enlightened restorative care with the discovery of dentin bonding.  Restorative dentists were now able to place materials that not only appeared tooth-like but added to the healthy restorative conclusion.

Today, for many reasons, dentists place direct composites for a wide variety of restorative needs.  One of the men who made this possible and changed our world, will be joining us in Dallas at the 6th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry.  Dr. Tagami, discoverer of the Acid-Base Resistance Zone (“Super Dentin”) will be our featured speaker.  This is your opportunity to meet Dr. Tagami, listen to his remarks and actually ask questions.  Additionally, he will be presenting his newest discovery, a one-step system that may revolutionize our adhesive procedures.

Joining Dr. Tagami, will be Dr. Ray Bertolotti, another visionary in the science of adhesion.  He will be addressing the bonding of zirconia.

Again, this is the chance to be face-to-face and to ask your questions.

Academy members, Drs. David Alleman and Scott Davis, spend their precious time in Chicago testifying before the ADA fighting the fight to have the organization authorize code changes recognizing the all-important procedures to create an optimal Biomimetic restoration.  Here is your chance to hear from the experts what goes on when they appear before this organization, fighting the good fight on your behalf.

Here is your opportunity to join your fellow clinicians, educators and researchers to learn, discuss, question and enjoy all that Biomimetics has to offer.

Jump in your car, hop on the plane and come to Dallas.

New to the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry? Send me an email (jcr15@case.edu), Saul Pressner and I will meet up with you and introduce you to a wonderful group of women and men all working toward a common goal, the restoration of the diseased tooth in a manner that creates health.


— Dr. Jay Resnick, Board Member of the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry

Upcoming Event on August 17th - Helpful Hints in Performing Biomimetic Dentistry - Dr. Matt Nejad