AAPMD Special Webinar

We know that many of our members are interested in Breathing and Airway therapy. We were informed an upcoming FREE webinar presented by Dr. Bahar Esmaili and the AAPMD on Wednesday, March 10, 2021 @ 9 PM ET.

The answer to a better night’s sleep and better health may be right under your nose.

In this webinar, Dr. Esmaili will discuss the the important role of nasal breathing. Mouth breathing affects the entire body including posture and dental arch development, as well as health. learning and performance.

Learn to identify mouth breathing and steps you can take to re-establish nasal breathing.

Dr. Bahar Esmaili is focused on diagnosing connections between overall health and oral health. She believes a healthy mouth can only exist in a healthy body.

Her other passion is Fitness. She is a certified personal trainer with a focus on posture correction. She has been trained in a variety of subjects related to the connection between oral habits, breathing, gait, head and neck posture, alignment of the jaw joint and tension in facial muscles and headaches.

This has led her to narrow her dental practice to address airway and TMD issues.

1 CE for AAPMD Members

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