ABD Member Dr. Marc Lazare Completes Advanced Training in Europe

ABD Member and New York City biomimetic dentist, Dr. Marc Lazare, attended an advanced Level III training in Cagliari, Italy, this past September to further hone his skills in this emerging area of dentistry.

The training took place September 16-19, 2019 at the Sardinia Dental Teaching Center and covered several advanced dental restoration topics.

During the training, dedicated dentists from all over the world traveled to Italy to learn from experts in the field of biomimetic dentistry, including the inventor of the Stress-Reduced Direct Composite (SRDC) protocol for preserving and restoring teeth that have been compromised. Attendees saw demonstrations of challenging cases and learned advanced tips and tricks for preserving and restoring teeth.

In addition to learning advanced SRDC techniques for anterior and posterior areas of the mouth and watching live patient demos, participants attended literature reviews and hands-on courses covering a variety of topics. Dr. Lazare and other attendees gained skills in advanced biomimetic techniques, including direct composite veneers, fiber lay-down protocols for cusp replacement, and biomimetic full mouth rehabilitation.

Dr. Lazare also had the opportunity to examine case studies of patients several years after treatment with these biomimetic techniques. These insights will help him better serve his patients.

As our members know, Biomimetic Dentistry is an innovative and emerging branch of dentistry that is focused on preserving the patient’s natural teeth whenever possible. Techniques involve salvaging the patient’s natural teeth using less extreme treatment methods and sealing the teeth off from further damage in order to preserve them.

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