An Open Letter to Dentists on the Benefits of an ABD Membership

Dear Dentists,

Thank you for your keen interest in the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry (ABD).

Whether you’ve been a previous ABD member in the past, or you’re just exploring our organization for the first time — we have some amazing new benefits being offered to Basic Memberships of the ABD:

  1. Be a part of a collective of like-minded, cutting-edge dentists
  2. Network and collaborate with experts in biomimetic dentistry
  3. Learn the most recent developments in techniques, materials, and applications
  4. Be listed in the ABD’s searchable “Find a Biomimetic Dentist” database (located directly on our homepage)
  5. Continuing education
  6. Annual Conference ‘Super Early Bird’ discount
  7. Access to become accredited as a Biomimetic Dentist
  8. Vendor discounts
  9. FAQs
  10. Case studies

The searchable database alone is worth the $295 of the Basic Membership! 

Now, ALL of these benefits are great, but our members sometimes struggle with getting the word out and educating their local communities about just what Biomimetic Dentistry really is. Out of this problem, the ABD created the Advanced Membership. 

Becoming an Advanced Member yields ALL of the benefits of Basic Membership, PLUS gives you access to $5K worth of marketing material:  

  1. In your first year as an Advanced Member, YOU will star in a video alongside Dr. David Alleman and Dr. Pascal Magne in a professionally produced and informative video explaining Biomimetic Dentistry in easy-to-understand language for your current and potential patients ($2499 value).  
  2. In your second year, YOU will be featured in a video targeted for your community. It will outline all of the important questions people should ask before choosing a Biomimetic Dentist ($2499 value).  This video will position YOU as the top-tiered Biomimetic Dentistry expert in your community.
  3. A separate animated explainer video about Biomimetic Dentistry ($2499 Value); and 
  4. 2 sets of Marketing Brochures about Biomimetic Dentistry with your logo, name and phone number customized on each ($999 value).

Exclusive Certification Program

Recently we also began our Certification Program, where Biomimetic dentists can get accredited based on their continuing education, attendance at the annual conventions, and passing an open-book exam.  Once you pass the test, you can then include these accolades for professional purposes.

B.E.T.A. Video Ads Program

Lastly, we recently started an ABD member-only marketing campaign called the ABD B.E.T.A. (Branding and Educational Targeting Ads) Program to help ABD Members spread the word about Biomimetic Dentistry in an easy-to-understand video to their local communities (most people have never heard the word “Biomimetic”) via Facebook and Instagram ads. 

Creating your own content and marketing it to your community to educate them about Biomimetic Dentistry and its benefits would cost you thousands of dollars per month. However, the success of the ABD B.E.T.A. Program is largely based on the participation of many ABD Members, like a co-op, (i.e., the more that participate, the more new video content and banner ads we are able to produce to help educate, entertain and engage your local community). Everybody wins!

Learn more about the ABD B.E.T.A. Program HERE.

While this is a separate program from the ABD Memberships or Certification, a Basic or Advanced Membership is required to participate.

How to Join

Hope this helps answer some of your questions about what the ABD can do for you.

Click HERE to learn about our membership options and to sign up.

Please don’t hesitate or call or email us with any questions you may have about any of these programs.

Kind regards,

The Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry

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