[Announcement] A New Way to Educate Your Community About Biomimetic Dentistry

Attention Academy Members!

How many of your patients, or surrounding community, know what Biomimetic Dentistry is? Are you finding it hard to convey that this is truly a better way to do dentistry?

You’re not alone. A lot of our members are experiencing the same roadblock. Thankfully, though, we’ve developed a solution.

Introducing the ABD B.E.T.A Program.

You may have heard about this at our live event in Dallas. Seven participants helped us spearhead this project, and it has been picking up steam ever since.

What is the ABD B.E.T.A. Program?

In a nutshell, the purpose of the ABD B.E.T.A. (Branding and Educational Targeting Ads) Program is to be an extremely cost-effective way for you to educate your community about Biomimetic Dentistry.

Through Facebook and Instagram, we reach your communities — people who don’t currently know you — and start letting them know there’s a new form of dentistry called Biomimetic Dentistry, and how much better it is than traditional dentistry.  We also let them know that there’s a Biomimetic Dentist in their area and it’s super easy to connect with you!

Why You Should Take Advantage Of This Program

We know the process of getting the word out about Biomimetic Dentistry is slow and you want to see immediate ROI…who doesn’t?

The truth is most people don’t know the word “biomimetic” – so they likely will never know to research what Biomimetic Dentistry is.  If you’re trying to set yourself apart from your local competitors by branding yourself as a Biomimetic Dentist, they’ll likely never know.

The ABD B.E.T.A. Program will not only introduce your community to Biomimetic Dentistry; you will gain local exposure and pick-up solid leads each month.

Results From Our Initial B.E.T.A. Testers

Since this program began just a few months ago, on average our 7 participants have each reached 19,000 unique people in their communities, who have watched the ABD B.E.T.A. man-on-the-street video 44,000 times, with 430 of those people watching 100% of the video! And on average, each ABD B.E.T.A. participant has had 554 people see the ABD B.E.T.A. landing page where there is more information and the animated explainer video about Biomimetic Dentistry.

Here’s the real kicker:

There have been 57 unique and trackable phone calls and 33 people have provided their emails for additional information. That’s an average of 13 solid leads per ABD B.E.T.A. participant in the last 5 months, and it’s only going to get better with the changes we’re about to make!

How to Sign Up for the ABD B.E.T.A. Program

As of October 1st, the ABD B.E.T.A. Program will be $750/month, but anyone who signs up for this program prior to that date will be locked into the introductory $550/month price for life.

The more participants we have in the ABD B.E.T.A. program, the better the results.

Why? Because your participation will fund additional videos and banner ads that we will create on a quarterly basis.

If you have questions, we’re here to answer them.

We hope you will consider joining the ABD B.E.T.A. Program today.

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