Biomimetic Dental Fillings

biomimetic dental fillings

Biomimetic dentistry is applying the concept of biomimetics in any dental activity. The term biomimetic means using substitutes to emulate biochemical processes such as chewing. Biomimetic fillings aim to fix damaged teeth with long-lasting restorations that look and function like natural ones.  

This dentistry branch unofficially began in 1955. Dr. Michael Buonocore published a paper on the acid-etch technique, stating that a filling material capable of forming strong bonds would offer many advantages. Since that glorious moment in dentistry, experts have been developing adhesives, materials, and techniques. Today, biomimetic dentistry uses advanced techniques to create restorations offering up to 400% more bond strength than conventional fillings. The enhanced strength of biomimetic fillings allows restored teeth to look and function like natural ones. Biomimetically-restored teeth can handle chewing stress like healthy, natural ones.

Here are some advantages of biomimetic dentistry.

  • – Minimally invasive: When a tooth needs restoration, we remove the decay and replace missing parts without unnecessarily removing healthy tissue. Our advanced techniques allow us to remove as little of the tooth as possible and replace damaged areas with biomimetic restorations. 
  • – Quick sealing: The modern adhesives we use will seal your tooth dentine, reducing the risk of bacteria formation. Covering the tooth dentine lowers the risk of root canal treatments as long as the restoration is intact. 
  • – Less sensitivity: Because of our advanced techniques, modern equipment, and current materials, patients who undergo a biomimetic procedure will experience little to no sensitivity.  
  • – Short recovery period: Patients who don’t experience post-operative sensitivity can get back to their usual activity on the same day. 
  • – Low chance of gaps: We use advanced techniques and materials that minimize the chances of leakage. 

Biomimetic dentistry is a cost-effective treatment option that offers a hassle-free, long-lasting solution to damaged teeth. If you have a chipped, damaged, or cavity-filled tooth, we highly recommend using biomimetic fillings

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