Biomimetic Dentistry: Conservative Dental Treatment

Biomimetic Dentistry is a philosophy that strives to emulate dental conditions found in nature. Biomimetics, or biomimicry, is the study of design principles found in nature. Biomimetic Dentistry can be used as a conservative treatment for patients who are experiencing tooth decay or have fractured or damaged their teeth.

In this blog post, we will discuss what Biomimetic Dentistry is and how it can help maintain your smile!

The goal of Biomimetic Dentistry is to help patients preserve natural tooth structure. This holistic approach does not strive to just fix teeth, but to also strengthen and protect weakened teeth for the long term. A few examples of how it differs from conventional dentistry are below:

Biomimetic dentists are able to avoid having to remove sound tooth structure when working on a damaged tooth. They provide non-invasive treatments and use materials that can bond more successfully and predictably with your teeth. This approach is not only conservative but also the most durable and biocompatible type of filling there is!

Rather than cutting down a broken tooth to place a crown, adhesive bonding materials and techniques can be used to build back the missing or decayed tooth structure.

In order to avoid costly,  invasive procedures like root canal therapy, the dentist may recommend a biomimetic restoration. Biomimetic restorations have a much greater chance of avoiding the need for root canal treatment than traditional dental procedures and techniques.

For patients that believe that healthy teeth should be conserved, rather than reconstructed or replaced, biomimetic dentistry can provide a conservative treatment option.

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