Biomimetic Foundation Course in Knoxville June 23-24 and Hands on June 30 – July 1

Biomimetic Restorative Dentistry (BRD) training comes to Knoxville, Tennessee. June 23-24 & June 30-July 1

June 23-24 : Didactic review of all protocols and scientific literature

June 30- July 1 : Hands-on practice of BRD protocols on models

For more information contact:

Dr Jim Erpenbach (865) 584-8630 email:
Dr David Alleman (801) 231-9433 email:
Dr Alleman has been training dentists in these advanced adhesive techniques for over 15 years.
Dr Erpenbach is a certified instructor for the Alleman-Deliperi Centers for Biomimetic Dentistry.

These programs will take your knowledge and abilities to perform conservative adhesive procedures to a whole new level. You will never have to cut another tooth down for full coverage again. The vitality of teeth will be preserved long term even in the cases of deep decay and dentinal cracks. You will learn the game changing 12 protocols of:

  1. Immediate Dentin Sealing (IDS)
  2. Resin Coating (RC)
  3. Deep Margin Elevation (DME)
  4. Peripheral Seal Zoning (PSZ)
  5. Air-abrasion surface preparation (AA)
  6. MMP deactivation (MMPd)
  7. Stress Reduced Direct Composite (SRDC)
  8. Fiber placement for stress relief (FP)
  9. Deep decay caries removal end-points without pulp exposure (CREs)
  10. Dentin crack removal end-points without pulp exposure(CrREs)
  11. How to choose the best Dentin Bonding Systems (DBS)
  12. How to choose the most Biomimetic replacements for deep dentin, superficial dentin, DEJ and enamel

These 12 protocols will increase your adhesive bond strengths to dentin by 300-400% over traditional adhesive bonding protocols. This will give you the confidence you need to restore teeth in the conservative ways that your patients desire.


  • Course location: Dental Images 1715 Downtown West Blvd Knoxville , Tn 37919
  • Cost : Protocol, literature review $750, Hands on $3,000,
  • Register by March : Hands on for $2,500 or both courses for $3,000


Please send a check made out to J. D. Erpenbach , D.D.S. for registration :

J. D. Erpenbach , D.D.S.
6311 Kingston Pike Ste 8W
Knoxville, TN 37919

For more information, contact:

Office:  865 584 8630

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