Dr. Jim Erpenbach on Conserving Teeth with Biomimetic Dentistry

Our Very Own Dr. Jim Erpenbach was on the Dentistry Uncensored podcast with Howard Farran discussing conserving teeth with Biomimetic Dentistry. Check out the episode here!

Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran - Jim Erpenbach DDS

Dr. Jim Erpenbach is a native of Tennessee. He attended The University of Tennessee Knoxville for his BS in Cell Biology. He attended the University of Tennessee Memphis for his DDS. He has maintained a general private practice in Knoxville since 1982. Because he feels life is a journey and we should all strive for constant and never ending improvement, he averages between 125 to 150 hours continuing education a year.

His main focus since 2006 has been in the area of Biomimetic (tooth conserving) dentistry where he keeps up with some of the most current worldwide research related to restorative techniques. These studies have helped him develop an understanding and appreciation for the OralSystemic link of how the oral health can impact overall health as related especially to heart attack, stroke and diabetes. 

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