Dental Access Media Publications


A BIG Thank You To
Dental Access For The Recognition

The Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry network is growing. We’re pleased to announce that we have been featured on the homepage for Dental Access Media Publications.

Why is this so exciting?

It means recognition for the ABD is expanding. It also means our member base is getting stronger.

Look for more features like this as we roll into 2019 and beyond!

Who is Dental Access

DENTAL ACCESS is a media publication that provides continuing education through its platforms that diligently pursues the quality of oral health care through the use of print journals, website, online education (webinars), seminars, ebooks, and courses.

  • Magazine. A conventional method of distributing the latest news and information, clinical articles and events through our quarterly publication.
  • Website. An online tool that features news, current events, and online courses.
  • Webinars. We aim to keep our dental professionals updated through our very own webinars conducted by well – known dentists in the community.
  • Ebooks. An online copy of our quarterly magazine reaching out to our dentists 24 hours. Download is available.
  • Seminars. A conventional way to meet and reconnect with your favorite speakers and camaraderie among colleagues in the profession.
  • Courses. Learn from our lecturers through the courses offered. Contact our editorial and marketing team to inquire.

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