Fill Cavities Without Drills, Injections, and Pain

Thoughts of filling cavities often conjure up dental fears in patients who are afraid of drills and needles. Fortunately, there’s little to be afraid of in dental offices that practice Biomimetic Dentistry.

What is Biomimetic Dentistry?

Biomimetic Dentistry is a minimally invasive approach to dentistry.

With traditional dentistry, drilling into a tooth to fill a cavity can cause pain.  To reduce the pain, anesthetic is injected into the gums or surrounding tissue to deaden the area during the procedure.  After the anesthetic wears off, there is typically pain at the injection site.  Because these procedures are invasive, post-procedure pain is a fact of traditional dentistry.

Gentler, Less Invasive Dentistry

With a biomimetic approach, it is often possible to avoid drilling and injections.  By working non-invasively in a smaller area of the tooth, using biomimetic techniques for fillings, dentists don’t have to do the things that cause the pain.   Every case is different but, when possible, Biomimetic Dentistry is an option for all dental patients.

Don’t let fears of the dentist keep you from making an appointment. Biomimetic dental practices are not only warm, friendly, and inviting…. they are also committed to pain-free dentistry. The goal is to keep patients happy, healthy… and feeling their best after EVERY dental appointment.

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