Materials Make The Difference In Biomimetic Dentistry

The experience and skills we’ve acquired from our postgraduate studies of Biomimetic Dentistry have significantly benefited our patients and paved the way to improve the quality of their lives. During our postgraduate studies, we learned the importance of selecting the appropriate materials and adhesives for biomimetic restorations. 

In a nutshell, biomimetic restorations involve the restoration of teeth, ensuring that they mimic the function,  strength, and appearance of natural teeth. Biomimetic restorations usually include ceramic, and composite materials,  usually utilizing partial coverage. 

As biomimetic dentists, we aim to perform dental restorations to attempt to mimic the form and function of other healthy teeth in your mouth. Once this is achieved, your teeth will be protected from bacterial invasion. 

We understand that the materials and techniques we use can significantly affect the success of these procedures, and can really make a difference in biomimetic dentistry. This is one of the reasons why we pay careful attention when choosing which materials to use and apply — to ensure that we can recreate the closest match to your actual teeth. We strive to consistently use materials that reflect the properties of the enamel and dentin of your teeth. .

Aside from making sure that our procedures produce a close match to your actual teeth, we also make sure that our dental restorations will prevent future fractures. By using the right materials, adhesives, and techniques, we contribute to protecting your teeth by creating a seal between the tooth and the restoration. This procedure will protect the long-term health of your teeth. 

All of the materials and adhesives we use for biomimetic restorations and fillings have passed rigorous scientific testing, which means that these can withstand stresses caused by excessive chewing. The training we’ve acquired from the postgraduate study of Biomimetic Dentistry has also allowed us to properly apply these materials with confidence.

With the quality of the materials we use and the training we’ve acquired, we’re confident that with proper care and regular cleaning, your restored teeth will mimic the properties and strength of your natural teeth. 

If you have any queries about biomimetic dentistry and how these procedures can benefit you or your family, don’t hesitate to contact us or search on our website for a Biomimetic Dentist near you. 


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