Monthly Free Webinar – Minimally Invasive Dentistry – A 38 Year Perspective

Course Objective:

Enlightened/mentored in the early years by Ray Bertolotti, this webinar will give you a fascinating history on why minimally invasive dentistry-known today as Biomimetic Dentistry—WORKS. It will come to you via a “wet fingered dentists” perspective who embraced the concepts in 1986 and pushed the limits beyond what even research showed, in the end proving from clinical experience that it worked.

Dr. Young will cover a brief history of Adhesion, extreme bonding of the early years, and the simplicity of implementing it into your practice immediately today.

The following topics will be covered from the perspective of history:

👉DME (1987): Pioneering deep margin elevation, a cornerstone of Biomimetic Dentistry.

👉Fragment Attachments (1987): Early steps in biomimetic dental practices with fragment attachments.

👉Dual Cure Flowables (1990): Evolution of stress-reduction protocols with dual-cure materials like Bisfil 2B and Palodent Ring.

👉Fiber Reinforcing (1991): Enhanced crown procedures with fiber reinforcing, reducing sensitivity and eliminating anesthesia needs (further refined in 1992).

👉Starflow-Opaque Flowable (1996): Introduction of Starflow-Opaque Flowable (Danville) leading to IDS and resin coating techniques, pre-dating official terminology.

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Dr. Richard Young CV:

Dr. Richard Young received his dental training at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry in 1985 He is an Assistant Professor of General Dentistry at LLU School of Dentistry and co-directs the D4/IDP dental aesthetics program, and also lectures on composite dentistry and Veneers for the D2 & D3 operative courses.

Dr. Young lectures internationally on both dental photography and advanced adhesive dentistry. His interest in dental photography spans the last 33 years and he is recognized world wide for his expertise. This will be evident in the quality of photography that you see in his lecture.

Dr. Young also lectures on advanced minimally invasive, tooth preserving dentistry, bringing a 38 year clinical perspective to the subject.

Dr. Young presents a unique perspective on tooth preserving dentistry. In 1986 Dr. Young and his wife, Dr. Julie-Ann Zerne, were looking for a seminar in Hawaii and found Fifth Quarter Seminars, started by Dr. Ray Bertolotti. This seminar marked their introduction to the “Total-Etch” technique & adhesion dentistry and changed the way they practiced for the rest of their careers, as well as starting a friendship that exists to this day.

The “Total-Etch” technique was developed by Dr. Fusayama of Tokyo Medical & Dental University in 1978 and was presented by Dr. Bertolotti. After that course, they started practicing adhesive dentistry and never looked back. In 1989, at the ADA annual convention, they were among the few clinicians to personally hear Dr. Fusayama’s lecture.

Dr. Young says, “I was very lucky in that early on I heard the right people, believed in what they were telling us, and trusted the teaching. How was I to know at that time that the bonding techniques and technology that we started out with would end up being one of today’s gold standards(?)”

Dr. Young maintains a private practice with his wife focusing on esthetic dentistry. He has many interests outside of dentistry. He spends as much time as possible with his wife and daughter enjoying activities centered in the outdoors.

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