The Biomimetic Smile Transformation

Biomimetic dentistry is the new gold standard of dentistry that focuses on not only creating the strongest restoration, but rather creating a restoration without compromising a tooth’s structure, function, and biologic properties.

Easier said than done, right?

Actually, no. This IS easy to accomplish with the right tools and skill set.

New York City Biomimetic Dentist Dr. Marc Lazare has published a report on the topic. His article explores how to work up, stage, and execute a smile makeover that adheres to the principles of Biomimetic Dentistry.

Biomimetic Cosmetic Dentistry

Society has grappled with the word “beauty” for centuries — even some would argue since the beginning of time. Biomimetic Dentists, like Dr Lazare, have also contemplated the word — especially as it relates to facial proportions, mouth shape, and tooth structure. When transforming any smile, biomimetic dentists focus on:

  • Shape or form
  • Symmetry and proportionality
  • Position and alignment
  • Surface texture
  • Color
  • Translucency

Smile Rejuvenation That Lasts

A smile makeover has the immediate power to boost self-confidence and rebuild a person’s image. We encourage our readers to look at New York City Biomimetic Dentist Dr. Marc Lazare’s article entitled, The Biomimetic Smile Makeover: Conserving And Strengthening Tooth Structure While Transforming A Smile, and learn more how we can perform our esthetic treatments utilizing the latest in biomimetic dental materials, techniques, and technology.

Invasive procedures, even cosmetic ones, can compromise tooth structure and can eventually weaken teeth, resulting in stresses and cracks. Let’s vow to cut down on the need for root canals, extractions, implants and bridges by saving what we can of our patient’s beautiful teeth while also giving them a smile they’ll love.