Why Choose a Biomimetic Dentist to Care for Your Family?

The following is a guest post written by Dr. H. Robert Stender of THE SCIENCE OF SMILES@ — a biomimetic dentist in Pasadena CA.

I am proud to be one of the leading “Tooth-Conserving” dental offices in Pasadena and Los Angeles. This means I am a biomimetic dentist; a certified member of the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry.

The best way I do this is by saving as much of the natural tooth as possible anytime a procedure is needed.

Exclusive Group of Dentists

Surprisingly, very few dentists in the United States follow the Biomimetic Dentistry philosophy, and many are still set in the traditional ways of dentistry. This means they drill further or remove more than is necessary. In many situations, this means damaging perfectly healthy tooth structures.

100% Devoted to Tooth Conservation and Gentle Dentistry

Research has recently surfaced that the average white filling lasts 5.7 years. That means every five years that filling needs to be repaired or replaced.

As a biomimetic dentist, I am 100% devoted to tooth conservation — meaning functionality will be better, teeth will be stronger, and everything will last much longer.

Many traditional dentists think putting a full crown on any tooth with an issue such as a crack or fracture is the only way to go. The way we approach this concern is to take the old filling out and find the crack. We then follow it to the source and only remove the bad part of the tooth. We then restore the tooth from there using the strong, healthy part of the tooth to help us create something that lasts way longer than the crown would have and does much less damage to the tooth.

Make a Biomimetic Dentist Your #1 Choice for Oral Care

Choosing a biomimetic dentist to care for the oral health of yourself and your loved ones just makes sense.

To put it in more simple terms:

With Biomimetic dentistry, dentists make the restoration fit the tooth, rather than amputating the tooth to fit the restoration. The result is a stronger, healthier tooth.

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